The Atheist *EDITED* Hangout WITH SHEILA BLACKADDER (December 29, 2013)

Streamed live on Dec 29, 2013

So looks like that video-quality thing isn’t gonna change. Fuck it. Sheila Blackadder, of Trolling with Logic, Bitches’ Brew, A-News, and others fame, and I had a wonderful talk about her (Not a True) Scot(sman) background, her involvement in the National Atheist Party/Secular Party of America, and a little on her views on feminism. You can find Blackadder on Twitter @SheilaBlackadde, Facebook, and elsewhere with her name and her podcasts’ names. You can find me on Twitter @antonahill.

Audio only:

The Atheist Asshole’s Hangout WITH SHEILA BLACKADDER (December 29, 2013)

Original YouTube:

By Didgya

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